Work With Me

Wanna test drive? New clients get 3 sessions for $375. If you continue on with a coaching package, this fee will be credited toward your fee. Book a call to see if we’re a good fit and how i can best serve you on your pleasure journey. Can’t wait to chat!

1:1 Coaching Packages

Custom pricing. All coaching packages include:

—personalized resource library

—priority text access to Jenn

—sessions are at least 60 minutes and up to 90 minutes

—pricing from $1100, custom packages available

By purchasing this package you agree to the Terms of Service

Touchless Orgasm Course

$299 USD. The beta course includes:

—a 6 week live container, replays sent within 24 hours

—each week includes a class, live practise, and Q and A sessioni

—BONUS of 2, private coaching sessions with Jenn

—all materials are downloadable for you to keep

By purchasing this package you agree to the Terms of Service

Practicum Sessions

Single Session: $75 USD, Packages $250-300

Female Empowerment and Jade Egg sessions. Discounted as these are practicums counting toward Jenn’s specialization certifications.

—personalized resource library

—priority text access to Jenn

—(up to) 90 minutes/sessions

By purchasing this package you agree to the Terms of Service

Sex Magic Series

$50 per monthly series

Learn how to harness your sexual energy as a catalyst for transformation.4 sessions per month.

—Each month had a different focus

—You receive all recordings to keep

—BONUS of two coaching sessions with annual purchase.

By purchasing this package you agree to the Terms of Service

Embark on a transformative journey of sexual empowerment and fulfillment with Jenn Wodtke, your personal Pleasure and Orgasm Coach. Here, you’ll discover the keys to unlocking your deepest desires and experiencing the ecstasy you deserve. Jenn Wodtke is not just a coach; she’s your trusted guide on the path to sexual liberation. With a deep passion for empowering individuals and a commitment to ongoing learning, Jenn creates a safe and supportive space where you can explore your sexuality with confidence and without judgment.



Most of us received a sexual education based on fear and shame. We’re told our bodies must look a certain way to be sexually attractive. We’re told our fluids and smells are gross. We’re taught the mechanics of sex, and how to avoid pregnancy and STIs.

It’s unlikely you were taught how to cultivate your pleasure. How to enjoy your orgasm. How to love your body and all the wondrous capacity to give and receive pleasure it has. How sex can be a gateway to the divine.

A Pleasure and Orgasm Coach can help you separate the negative messages and conditioning you’ve received about sex, pleasure, and orgasm from what YOU truly want. How to love your body, connect with your pleasure, experience consistent orgasms, ask for what you want, and to create healthy boundaries for your intimate life.

Most importantly, a Pleasure and Orgasm Coach helps you remember, recover, and reclaim enjoyment of your pleasure and orgasm. We’re here to love. To connect. To live in pleasure. Why else would humans have such an exquisite, deep, and limitless capacity for pleasure?


  • Compassionate Guidance: Jenn offers compassionate and supportive guidance to help you navigate your sexual journey with confidence and ease.
  • Tailored Solutions: With a focus on individualized support, Jenn crafts coaching plans that are tailored to your specific needs and goals, ensuring you get the personalized attention you deserve.
  • Safe and Supportive Environment: Jenn creates a judgment-free space where you can explore your sexuality authentically and without fear of shame or stigma.