You deserve epic sex,  pleasure, orgasms, and fulfillment

 what’s stopping you?


Am I too fat? Is he looking at my rolls? I don’t want to be on top; I jiggle. My boobs sag.  All these thoughts take us out of the moment and rob us of pleasure. Let’s figure out a solution so you can enjoy epic pleasure and orgasm!


I hate my life. What’s the point? Of course that didn’t work out for me. I screw everything up. Of course he likes her better. Don’t you wish that voice would SHUT UP? If we can quiet that voice…we can be more present in our pleasure.


Feeling you don’t deserve it. Putting everyone else first. Feeling you can’t do anything right. Accepting mediocrity—in your relationships, career, and life. It’s almost impossible to have life changing pleasure when you feel you’re not worth. I’m here to tell you not only are you worthy, your pleasure, and your enjoyment of it, can light the world.


No matter your experience, I can help you expand and enjoy deeper, more expansive pleasure. Want to orgasm with a partner? I got you. Want to be more sensitive to your pleasure? I got you. Want your first orgasm? Step into your sensual power? Rekindle your erotic spark? Read on…


In coaching, we unwind EVERYTHING in your way. On the pleasure path, I’m your guide. I shine the light—from my experience, training, and absolute belief in you. Once coaching is completed, you’ll know how to shine your light for yourself. Together, we’ll get you a place where you are living your deepest desires, pleasure, orgasm, and purpose.

I want you to glow with the radiance that comes from living your desires.

What does WORKING with me look like?

I use a variety of holistic tools to help you identify your desires, remove obstacles in your way, and enjoy pleasure on YOUR terms.

Pillar 1: THE EXPERIENCE DIVIDE. One we know what you want, we look at where you’ve been. Inside that gap is where we work;

Pillar 2: OUT OF THE HEAD, INTO THE BODY. You can’t just think your way to what you want. For lasting change, we need to get you into your body—that’s where lasting transformation happens.

Pillar 3: CREATE YOUR NEW REALITY. Now that we’ve done the work, we practise over and over again what it’s like to live your dreams. This repeated practise is vital—habits become reality.


The coaching container is structured as below. 

PHASE 1: TRANSFORMATION—We meet weekly or biweekly. This the main coaching container where we do all the work. You’ll get homeplay between sessions, your own personalized resource library, and email check ins between sessions.

PHASE 2: INTEGRATION—We meet 2-3 times during the month after coaching is completed. I support you as begin to live your new reality on a daily basis.

TIME COMMITMENT—3 or 6 months, weekly or biweekly, dependent on your needs and schedule. Typically there is homeplay between sessions, so the busy-ness of your life will be a factor in how we structure your package.

OTHER SUPPORT TOOLS—Access my Slack community; personal library of audio guides for home practise; invites to group practise; email support.

COST—Packages start at $1100 USD and can be customized to your needs. Reduced rates available for some clients.

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