Practicum Sessions

As of December 2023, I am a certified VITA™ Sex, Love and Relationship coach, with a focus on Pleasure and Orgasm. In addition, I am completing training in two areas of specialization: Female Empowerment and the Jade or Yoni Egg.

Part of my training involves completing practicum sessions with clients, which means I am offering these sessions at a significantly lower price than my Pleasure and Orgasm coaching.

Any purchase of practicum sessions will be applied to any full coaching package. For example, if you purchased the entire Empowerment series at $300, then decided to purchase a Pleasure and Orgasm coaching package, I’ll deduct $300 from your package price.

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NOTE: Session length is approximately 90 minutes; a session over 60  minutes is considered a full session.


We focus on a specific area of your life where you are feeling disempowered and then I’ll guide you through the re-empowerment process and tools for that area.

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Single session: $75 USD. All sessions package: $300 USD


NOTE: You must have a yoni or jade egg for these sessions. In these sessions, we use the yoni egg to access the energy of our pleasure and sexuality, which we then harness for different pleasure, emotional, and physical experiences.

Want to chat first? Click HERE for your FREE Discovery Call.

Single session: $75 USD. All sessions package: $250

Pleasure SessionClick HERE to purchase. (Awaken and celebrate pleasure.)

Healing SessionClick HERE to purchase. (Create healing and integration)

Power SessionClick HERE to purchase. (Includes adding movement, resistance, and possibly weights)

Wild SessionClick HERE to purchase. (Invitation into states of freedom, being unleashed, and sexual energy.)

Sexy SessionClick HERE to purchase. (Permission to be fully in pleasure

All sessions packageClick HERE to purchase.