Review of The WE-VIBE TOUCH

Ah this toy.

I feel like it’s a bit of a deke out. It came with the We-vibe 4, a couples toy, and it looks like a tongue. But, nothing remotely oral sex feeling about it.

First, the specs
-various speeds
-easy operation
-easy charging via USB

This isn’t bad toy. At all. The power is good, the ergonomics are good, I really like the placement of the operation button.

But it looks like a goddamn tongue and I feel cheated.

The reality is, this is much more like a bullet. And I like bullets. If I ignore the bullshit of a toy that looks like a tongue but doesn’t remotely feel like one, I can come around to it being more of a bullet.

And then, I like it. You don’t get some of the benefits of a smaller bullet—it’s harder to just lay it on your clit and squeeze your legs shut. But I like how easy it is to use, I like that the narrower tip can offer pinpoint stimulation if that’s what I want, or I can lay it flatter and get more diffuse stimulation.

The long and short if it? I do reach for this on a regular basis—it’s reliable, feels comfortable in my hand, and is easy to operate.

Still think it shouldn’t look like a tongue, but whatever. I’ll just pretend it is while I use it.

Jenn Wodtke

Jenn Wodtke

Sex Educator and Writer

When she isn’t traveling the world in search of inspiration and excitement, she calls Vancouver and Tokyo home. With over a decade of study and exploration around sexuality, she’s come to believe that most of us have vast untapped erotic potential. She invites you to join her on a journey to develop, deepen, and expand your erotic life.


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