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Sept 30, 2020: How Do I Give My Man a Prostate Orgasm?

Hey Jenn!
A prostate orgasm! Ever heard of it?! How do I do it?!

Hey there!
Well, lucky your hubby! Many men report prostate orgasms as very intense.

For a man that wants to explore his prostate without the help of a partner, there are great toys out there. Aneros is a good brand I have personally used. Many prostate toys are shaped like curvy T. Once inserted, the toy will rub and press again the prostate. Depending on the toy, he can have sex or masturbate with it in. The top bar of the T will be between his ass cheeks, allowing him to move freely. This can be a good way for a man to get started with prostate stimulation before he begins to explore this type of pleasure with a partner.

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