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Clit suckers are some of the newest sex toys on the market. My first foray was so awful that I threw the toy out after one use. But I kept hearing great things about them, so I laid out a few more bucks for a high quality toy. As Lelo is one of my favorite brands, I opted for their version, Sona. Lelo has three: Sona, Sona 2, and Sona Cruise. I’m not actually sure which one I have…and I can’t really tell the difference between each model (other than price) on Lelo’s site. Seems that the biggest different is that the Sona 2 and the Sona Cruise have “cruise control technology,” which Lelo explains as reserving 20% of its power during normal use. When the toy is pressed hard against the body, that reserve 20% kicks in so that you don’t tradeoff power for pressure. I have noticed this, so I think I have the Sona 2 or the Cruise.

Lelo claims Sona and  Sona 2 100% waterproof, made from a single piece of silicone, and can be enjoyed in the hottub, bath, or shower. Sona Cruise they caution against water play as it will interfere with natural lubricant and could cause clitoral irritation. The one I have does not have a sealed charging port so…I’m not sure about waterproof claims. As well, in addition to the silicone, all versions have the Lelo-branded sliver accent piece.

I like the hand feel of this toy, I like that it is responsive to the pressure you use, and I like that because it’s intended to stimulate the clitoris, the vibrating mouth is small and the sensations I get are acute rather than diffused throughout my genitals.

It did take me a time or two to get used to this toy because it doesn’t really work like  your average vibrator, but one I relaxed into it and just waited for it to do its magic, I fell in love. It offered an intense, deep, pleasureable orgasm that I don’t always get with other toys.

It’s pricey, but I do think it’s worth the money and I recommend this toy.

Jenn Wodtke

Jenn Wodtke

Sex Educator and Writer

When Jenn isn’t travelling the world in search of inspiration and excitement, she calls Vancouver and Tokyo home. Her writings and teachings embody her passion for sexual empowerment and freedom of sexual expression.