I’m not gonna lie. I had been lusting after this toy by Lelo for years. It’s called Ora 2 and is simulates oral sex on women. And it is a sexy looking toy.

The specs:
It’s basically a ring. The outer is silicone, with chrome accents on the inside. USB charger, there are pre-programmed waves and pulses. The simulator is a hard nub that rotates in a circle. That’s it. You can control the speed at which it rotates, but not the pressure or motion.


First—It’s an oral sex simulator, so you can’t insert it. Which…I guess is to be expected from an oral sex toy? The Ora 2 isn’t cheap—it’s definitely on the expensive side at $250—so if you want double duty or something you can use with a partner, this might be a pass.

Second—Ergonomics. Lelo is usually pretty amazing at designing toys that feel natural in your hand, but I couldn’t get behind this. It feels awkward, I don’t use the ring, and the buttons aren’t intuitively placed. Also, the charger plug is really close to the rotating nub. Because this isn’t insertable or waterproof, that port is open with no protection. And I worry about getting fluids in it. It seems the port should have been placed on the opposite side.

Third—it might take a few times to figure out how it works best for you. My first couple times, it definitely didn’t wow me. And I wasn’t sure how to place it. But I played with it, and eventually figured out what worked best with it for me.

Fourth—It’s fucking loud.


First—Lelo toys, and this Ora 2 is no exception, are very well made. It will last you forever. It’s a good investment.

Second—it’s a no frills toy. It offers a specific type of stimulation, and it delivers.

Third—it charges fast, and it gets good life on a charge. Generally, most Lelo toys do.

Fourth—for me, it simply delivers. I wouldn’t say it mimics oral sex exactly, but it is a different stimulation from your average clitoral vibrator. And I like it. It hasn’t failed me.

If you have the cash, this is a recommended purchase.

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Jenn Wodtke

Jenn Wodtke

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