Ask Jenn: How Do I Give My Man a Prostate Orgasm?

Hey Jenn!
A prostate orgasm! Ever heard of it?! How do I do it?!

Hey there!
Well, lucky your hubby! Many men report prostate orgasms as very intense.

For a man that wants to explore his prostate without the help of a partner, there are great toys out there. Aneros is a good brand I have personally used. Many prostate toys are shaped like curvy T. Once inserted, the toy will rub and press again the prostate. Depending on the toy, he can have sex or masturbate with it in. The top bar of the T will be between his ass cheeks, allowing him to move freely. This can be a good way for a man to get started with prostate stimulation before he begins to explore this type of pleasure with a partner.

First rule when you being exploring this together—talk to your partner. Make sure he wants it and the two of you agree when and where it will happen. Continue to talk to your partner as you stimulate his prostate and stop immediately if he expresses any pain or discomfort. It shouldn’t hurt, but if he’s never played with his prostate before, it can be a very intense experience.

Proper prostate prep begins well before you get naked. As stimulation of the prostate involves entrance through the rectum, he should take whatever steps will make him feel comfortable—eating lightly that day, drinking lots of water, showering just before sex, taking an enema. It’s all personal preference.

For the partner who will be stimulating the prostate—short clipped nails, condoms, and lube at the ready.

He should guide you and tell you what he wants. He can lay in any position he likes that allows you access, while he either enjoys the sensations or also stimulates his cock.

So—how does the actual prostate stimulation happen? The toy or fingers enter the rectum. The prostate is about two inches inside the rectum, between the rectum and the penis. When I’m explaining to women how to stimulate their partner’s prostate, I liken it to the female G-spot. Both the prostate and G-spot are oriented to the front of the body. So you always want to imagine that you are stroking toward the penis. Otherwise, you’re pushing against the back wall of his rectum which often doesn’t feel good.

But again—you are going to keep talking and making sure if feels good and you have the right spot before you start your stimulation.

Once the two of you have made that clear, you can start stimulation—after you’ve put a condom over your finger(s) and added lube. “Come hither” works very well—imagine moving your finger as if you are motioning someone to come join you. You can also tap, do circles, and adjust your speed and pressure. If it’s going well and he is in agreement, you can add a second finger.

On of my personal faves is to go down on my partner, then as he’s getting close to orgasm, I slow down and then insert a finger or two and begin massage the prostate.

Gets rave reviews every time!

Good luck, and happy exploring!