Oh my, indeed. I recently found the Japanese adult toy company Tenga. Iroha is their female line. I purchased two bullet vibrators from Tenga Iroha and was really impressed with the high quality and low price. I was ready to splurge on a more expensive toy, and selected the Yorukujira—which means Night Whale. It was about 7000 yen, which is about $65 USD.

It’s a soft silicone toy in the shape of a whale, sitting easily in the palm of your hand. The mouth of the whale fits over the clitoris, so the stimulation is like having surround sound on your clit. It can be charged with the included USB or wall adapter, which plugs into the base and not the toy itself. The charging anodes are also the operation buttons, which are located on the bottom of the toy, and they are metallic so the toy stays firmly attached to the base. Other than the anodes, the toy is waterproof. So waterproof-ish, I guess? It also has a snazzy cover that snaps onto the base so your toy stays clean and dust free when not in use.

1) Powerful. You can’t see it in the video I made, but DAMN. I actually had to stop after less than a minute because I thought, oh shit, there might be serious waterworks—the stimulation is that intense.

2) Design. This was my first toy that had this kind of surround sound stimulation. The whale’s mouth engulfs the clitoris, and holy fuck. I have been MISSING OUT! It’s ingenious, truly.

3) Ease of use. Push and hold the + button to turn on, then a quick push to cycle through the preset speeds and wave settings. Push and hold the – to turn off.

4) Hand feel. I like the weight of this. And when I put the mouth on my clitoris, my thumb naturally rests against the operation buttons.

5) Charger. Love, love, love that Tenga included a USB and wall adapter. Why all toys don’t is beyond me. I also love that the base is what you plug the cord into—it’s one less outlet on the toy itself to worry about.

6) Aesthetics. Seriously, this is one of the prettiest toys I own. Couple that with the case, and I actually want to display this.

1) Not fully waterproof. I don’t know why they couldn’t have put a thin skin of silicone over the anodes to make it fully waterproof? Maybe then it wouldn’t be able to magnetize to the base?

2) Run time. This might not even be a real con. A charge is good for one hour continuous use at full speed, which doesn’t seem like a lot. But, if all you have to do is plunk it on the base, then perhaps this might not be an issue.

I LOVE this toy. It’s not insertable, but the unique all encompassing clitoris stimulation more than makes up for that. This toy was easy to use, intense, and has so many features that you just don’t often see on other toys—base charging, plastic cover, two charging options—AND it’s extremely fair priced, makes this one of the best values for money, in addition to being a great orgasm giver.

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Jenn Wodtke

Jenn Wodtke

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