I’m a fan of these beads. They have a weighted ball inside to help you tone and strengthen your vaginal muscles, or, can be used for internal stimulation while you play with a partner. They come with a harness, shaped kinda like a figure eight, and the beads pop in and out easily. This allows you to use either one ball or two, and to increase the weight as you become stronger and more used to the balls. The weight is a small ball inside the outer bead. So when you move, the inner ball shifts and jiggles inside the outer bead—that is where the simulation comes from. These beads can be uses as a kegel exercise aid, or as sexual simulation. If you’re into receiving anal sex, these would provide fantastic internal vaginal stimulation in addition to anal play. As well, these are the type of beads or ben wa balls you’re looking for if you are trying to recreate the 50 Shades Darker scene—I reviewed the 50 Shades Inner Goddess Ben Wa Balls and they’re shit—because as you move, these will vibrate inside you, even if you are only using one. The 50 Shades brand does not, and has a stupid metal piece that hangs outside you and makes them utterly unusable as described in the movie. So get these Luna Beads from Lelo instead, and if you’re rich like Christian, they even have a 20-karat gold version, if you have an extra $4000 kicking around.

Now, don’t buy into that bullshit about women who have had children should get the bigger ones, and women who haven’t should get the smaller ones. Vaginas some in different shapes and sizes. I have both sets, and some days the Original’s bigger diameter doesn’t quite work and I use the smaller Noir instead. You may need lube for insertion, and you may need to start with one bead and work up to two. The Original, with four beads and two weights, offers the most versatility in terms of working your way up to a heavier weight. They are easy to clean with soap and water and has a simple storage bag.

I enjoy and recommend these Luna Beads from Lelo.


Luna Original (also available in Mini)
-one harness
-two blue balls, 37 grams (one stringed, one not stringed)
-two pink balls 28 grams (one stringed, one not stringed)
-diameter 35mm
-carry bag

Luna Noir (Mini size diameter)
-one harness
-two black balls, 37 grams
-diameter 29mm
-carry bag

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