Ask Jenn – February 17, 2020

Hey Jenn,
Question for you. Do all girls orgasm during sex? And can you tell me what to do to increase penis size?

I assume when you say sex you mean penis-in-vagina sex, right? The commonly quoted statistic is that only 30% of women can orgasm through penetrative sex alone. Many women need additional stimulation on their external clitoris. Before penetration, there are lots of ways you can stimulate her clitoris to help her reach orgasm. You can use your mouth, tongue and fingers on her clit, you can also rub your dick up and down her clitoris before you penetrate her.

But that isn’t a guarantee of her orgasm. Some women do struggle to orgasm with a partner because they’ve been taught that nice girls don’t have sexual needs. They’ve been taught to prioritize their male partner’s pleasure over their own, they may feel uncomfortable asking for what they like, or they may not have the words to explain to you what they like.

Are all women capable of orgasm? Yes. Every human is born with the capability to receive pleasure and experience orgasm. If your partner can’t but you want them to?

First—you need to examine why you want them to come. Is it truly for their pleasure? Or do you want her to get off because you are a great lover or boyfriend and have always made your partner come?

Even if you can answer yes, it’s truly for her pleasure and not your ego, you have to release all expectations. Remember—her pleasure is hers, not yours. Pressure from you will not help, it will make it worse. If you decide to support her journey to orgasm, here’s what I suggest:

First thing you want to do is to encourage her to masturbate if she doesn’t already. Tell her that self-pleasure is normal and healthy and that she should spend some time alone exploring what feels good. Then drop it and leave her to it. Privacy and space is key here.

Second—when you’re having sex, set up a session or two where it’s all about her. Tell her you aren’t going to penetrate her, but you just want to give her pleasure in whatever way she would like. Then ask her to give your directions. Listen without judgment, and then do what she asks—of course if it’s within your comfort zone, too.

Third—be patient. For a woman who has never had an orgasm, it can take a while to get there. And she will likely get there by herself before she ever does with you. That is good. That’s how it should work—people have to understand their own bodies, pleasure, and orgasm before they can have orgasms with a partner. Let her figure that out in her own time.

What to do to increase penis size? Nothing. It’s not possible. If you are overweight, losing weight will make your dick look more in proportion, ie bigger, but that’s about it.

Don’t waste money on pills, pumps, or injections. They don’t work.

You’re better off spending honing your oral and hand skills than worrying about dick size. Women care less about that than you think. They care more if you’re in tune to what they like, are paying attention to their pleasure, and are kind and respectful.

Good luck and have fun!