If you ever wanted a sex toy that could double as a microphone and has a disco light, Domi by Lovense is the toy for you!

Domi is an updated version of a Hitachi magic wand, which is revered as a sex toy classic.

Here’s the vital stats on Domi:

-black; v-shaped handle with a ring of light near the top that flashes/pulses

-the bulbous head doesn’t actually spin like the Hitachi does. It merely vibrates. But the interior motor does rotate inside the head.

-comes with a USB charger.

-not waterproof—because of the disco light near the top, and the charging port at the bottom on the handle that does not have a silicone plug. Lovense calls it water resistant. I’m skeptical.

-made of body safe silicone.

-it’s Lovense, so of course it’s programmable and controllable long distance and by app.

-smaller than similar wand vibrators.

The bad:

-it’s heavy and the handle is a poor design. I generally find wand vibrators somewhat awkward to operate. This awkwardness was compounded by Domi’s heavy weight and the v-shaped handle—it vibrates right out of my hand. I had to grip it extremely tight to keep my grip on it. Not ideal.

-can only turn the disco light off by app. Mildly annoying.

The good:

-if you like long distance options and app control, this is great.

-super powerful.

-it looks fucking cool.

-sturdy and well made.

My experience:

Honestly the first time sucked balls and I gave up trying to get off and instead put Domi on my aching shoulder—it did help with that. Why did it suck? Too heavy, v-shaped handle slipped out of my grip too easily. Also—totally personal preference— but because Domi has a large bulbous head, you get much more diffuse than localized sensation. Some days this is great, some days—not. The first day was a not day.

But I persevered. I tried Domi again, playing with the speeds. There is a noticeable jump in sound once you get to a higher speed, and for me, the sensation completely changed as well. A lower speed felt like generic vibrator. At higher speeds, I could definitely feel it rotating as opposed to vibrating.

And OMFG there it was. I got the right speed, had it on for a mere 10 seconds and had to stop, because I could feel an ejaculatory orgasm coming on.  It was that intense. Bit of a TMI aside here. Female ejaculation and the studies on it are a source of fascination for me, hence my personal experimentation: I went to the washroom, forced everything possible out of my bladder, and returned to play, completely emptied.

Less than two minutes later—orgasm jackpot. Domi’s powerful diffuse vibrations got me off, and got me off hard. So hard I ejaculated.

So do I recommend?

No for the poor handle design and general awkwardness of use.

Yes for the diffuse powerful vibrations. And the disco light. And the high quality materials.

Yes for the wet spot on my bed.


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Jenn Wodtke

Jenn Wodtke

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