Solo Sex Tool: Ask Permission

September 28, 2021

One of my favourite solo sex tools is asking yourself and your body permission to play. Seems unnecessary, right? It’s your body and you’ve decided you want it so…why would you need permission? This exercise is about tuning in to your body, connecting it with your mind, spirit, and intention. It’s a very powerful tool! Click for the full post and video.


Review of Lelo Sona Clit Sucker

July 22, 2020

Clit suckers are some of the newest sex toys on the market. My first foray was so awful that I threw the toy out after one use. But I kept hearing great things about them, so I laid out a few more bucks for a high quality toy. As Lelo is one of my favorite brands, I opted for their version, Sona. Lelo has three: Sona, Sona 2, and Sona Cruise. I’m not actually sure which one I have…and I can’t really tell the difference between each model (other than price) on Lelo’s site. Seems that the biggest different is that the Sona 2 and the Sona Cruise have “cruise control technology,” which Lelo explains as reserving 20% of its power during normal use. When the toy is pressed hard against the body, that reserve 20% kicks in so that you don’t tradeoff power for pressure. I have noticed this, so I think I have the Sona 2 or the Cruise.


Failed Relationships

July 14, 2020

We hear this all the time. “She’s got three failed marriages.” Or, “He’s had a string of failed relationships.”

This seems incredibly toxic to me. Yes, people can make mistakes when they decide to get married; many people, myself included, selected a person to marry who turned out to be a very bad fit.

But why is moving on from a bad situation considered a failure? Is longevity the only metric by which we evaluate the success of a relationship?

Entice Bullet Vibe by PinkB.O.B

May 15, 2018

Entice Bullet vibe by PinkB.O.B is a perfect starter vibrator. For a mere $21, you get pinpoint control over intensity levels, and 10 build in pulse and wave patterns. Highly recommend!

6 Minutes to a Higher Libido

May 14, 2018

Yes. You CAN control your libido. Click MORE to find out exactly how–and why–this is a practice you might want to incorporate into your life.

Protect Your Children From Sexual Predators

December 5, 2017

Ah the holidays. Where we put children on a stranger’s lap and take photos then make them kiss and hug relatives they don’t know well. Read on for my take on why this is problematic and what to do instead.

Why You Should Go To A Swinger’s Party

November 29, 2017

Read on for some great reasons to check out a swingers party or event, at least once in your life.
It’s not what you might think.

The Myth of the Simultaneous Orgasm

June 19, 2017

Ah, simultaneous orgasm. A very common trope in romance novels. Click more to read and watch my take on this, including some hints for how those of us who aren’t a romance heroine can make this happen.

Review of Lush by Lovense-Bluetooth Wearable Vibrator for Women

May 17, 2017

An amazing new toy. Sex and tech combine in this extremely versatile, insanely powerful insertable, wearable vibrator for women. The most intense solo experience I have ever had.